Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year 2014! Where DID the time go???

Wow! I just re-discovered that I use to blog! How time flies.  It was refreshing and amusing to read my own posts. I think I will blog again. I have now moved to Wimberely Texas, have been here almost 1 year and a half and wonder, Where did the time go!!!! What events have passed?  Well, in one year, I moved, got a GREAT job (well I thought it would be great),  got to buy a beautiful home 3 blocks from my brother,  then got terminated from that GREAT job (NOT), got a new job at a grocery store,  my dad died, my daughter got married, have been church searching, trying to find my way and embrace our new life. 
So as I read the previous paragraph, I see in black and white, exciting times, great times, horrible times, joyful times, sad times, challanging times. Challanging times!!! Wow! Revelation time for me again... Did the horrible, sad times, challanging times last forever?  Were there blessings in between, sunshine after the rain, laughter after the sadness?  Of course, God didn't hang me out to dry. 
Okay, God has been there all along, He has walked me through, carried me, held me, comforted me, blessed me, gave and take away.  I have discovered blogging again!!! It was fun, it was creative and it was a way to share and laugh at myself through the hard and happy times.
Hello again.

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