Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year 2014! Where DID the time go???

Wow! I just re-discovered that I use to blog! How time flies.  It was refreshing and amusing to read my own posts. I think I will blog again. I have now moved to Wimberely Texas, have been here almost 1 year and a half and wonder, Where did the time go!!!! What events have passed?  Well, in one year, I moved, got a GREAT job (well I thought it would be great),  got to buy a beautiful home 3 blocks from my brother,  then got terminated from that GREAT job (NOT), got a new job at a grocery store,  my dad died, my daughter got married, have been church searching, trying to find my way and embrace our new life. 
So as I read the previous paragraph, I see in black and white, exciting times, great times, horrible times, joyful times, sad times, challanging times. Challanging times!!! Wow! Revelation time for me again... Did the horrible, sad times, challanging times last forever?  Were there blessings in between, sunshine after the rain, laughter after the sadness?  Of course, God didn't hang me out to dry. 
Okay, God has been there all along, He has walked me through, carried me, held me, comforted me, blessed me, gave and take away.  I have discovered blogging again!!! It was fun, it was creative and it was a way to share and laugh at myself through the hard and happy times.
Hello again.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Cop Episode" at the Anderson house early this morn

Just wanted to post our adventure early this morning.

We were sound asleep and I kept hearing a big bang. Since our water heater has been making loud banging noises, I thought, well it's probably going to finally quit. Then the noises got louder and louder. I woke up Greg. He gets up, Abbey follows him and all of a sudden I hear "June come here" .. The first thing that came to my mind which was really stupid and made no sense was, hey maybe there is a deer or some wild life out on our deck :-) .. I walk over and he says, " Grab the dog (instead of barking, she was thinking someone was coming over to play) - Call 911! " Well I ran into the bedroom because I had NO idea what was out there .. thinking maybe some guy with a gun or something! He told me that there was a guy at our front door banging our storm door into our house. He opened the door and said "Hey man what's going on?" The guy told him he was beat up. I couldn't believe he opened the door!!! but he did shut it right away. He said when he saw the guy in just his underware and didn't look angry, just disoriented, he didn't feel threatened. He handled it very well.. alot better than I ever could! When I called 911 I was so scared that when I gave my street address, I only mentioned the house number. The dispatcher was very calm and helpful to my anxiety. Kudos to our 911!!

3 cop cars pulled up. He wouldn't cooperate and they took out a stun gun. They finally got him to cooperate and handcuffed him. I was so relieved once they took him away. The cop came back to our door and reassured us that they would be taking him to the hospital and then jail. He was suspecting alcohol and some drugs.

Well, Greg and I were trying to figure out WHY out of ALL houses in our neighborhood, would someone just come up to ours??? But God has a reason for everything. Maybe it's so we could pray for the guy. Or maybe he was protecting the neighborhood houses because none of the houses on our block have a storm door. If someone was to open their front door, who knows what could have happened. We don't know, but God does and I am glad he protected us and has his hand on us.